Network templates

For each resource type (node, link, network), a template defines the name, icon to be used (nodes) or line style (links), as well as attributes. In the case of the "network" (i.e., the network as a whole, not specific nodes and links), "resources" may be added to represent arbitrary groupings of global attributes for the network.

Templates are matched with models: a template should describe (at least) the input and output expected by a core model. A network defined by a particular template may be used by one ore more models. A model might also use more than one template, but this might be more restrictive, as a model's input requirements are typically fixed; any variation on a template would need to consider this.


Under construction.


Under construction.

For each attribute (variable), a template further defines the following:

  • Data type (scalar, timeseries, etc.)

  • Dimension (volume, flow rate, etc.)

  • Units (cubic meters, cubic meters per second, etc.)

  • Scope (whether or not the attribute is an input or output)