OpenAgua data specifications

Data in OpenAgua builds on the data schema of Hydra Platform. Understanding these OpenAgua-specific data specifications is helpful if uploading data via Hydra API.

Hydra enables extensions through the layout field of many data objects (or, in the case of template types, the properties field). OpenAgua thus uses the layout field (and properties field) extensively.


OpenAgua uses the following fields within the scenario.layout field:

  • class: Options include baseline, option, portfolio, scenario and results.

    • The baseline scenario represents the main scenario from which all other scenarios are derived.

    • Scenarios with the option, portfolio and scenario class are shown in their respective parts of the application.

    • Scenarios with the results class are available for viewing in the results explorer.

All scenarios in OpenAgua should be classified with layout.class. Unclassified scenarios will not be deleted, but may not be visible.